About DownloadiPadeBooks.com

DownloadiPadeBooks.COM is affiliated
with several corporations that sell eBooks in multiple electronic formats in
all categories. It is a leading affiliate to specialist eBook retailers.

Through our partner users can
download books to computers, dedicated eBook devices, PDAs and mobile phones.
They can also read books online, from any computer, anywhere, without
downloading or installing anything.

Why DownloadiPadeBooks.com

As a leading affiliate with many
major online eBook retailers, we help consumers who love books find the great
variety and diversity of books offered in various formats online. We generate
business for booksellers and our primary focus is to unite customers with a
love or need for books and the various providers that we do business with at a
price that is highly competitive.

A Broad Range

Because of our affiliate
relationships, we are able to offer a very extensive selection of professional
& technical eBooks along with a very wide range of academic and scholarly

  • Popular consumer eBooks
  • Professional and technical eBooks
  • Academic and scholarly eBooks

EBook Accessibility

When you buy an eBook from any of
our partners, you have immediate download capability, however if you prefer,
you can also read the books online from an internet connected device. The exact
method will vary depending on partner.


As with printed books, book
publishers set the prices for ebooks. In general, most ebooks are priced at
something less than the equivalent printed version.

Returns Policy

In the eBook space, it is not
possible to “return” an eBook in the same way that printed books can
be returned, as a result our partners we are generally not able to accept
returns. If there is an error or a flaw in a purchase eBook you received,
please contact the support team of the specific partner and they will quickly
resolve the issue.


Your privacy is of the utmost
importance to us at Nucleus Marketing LLC. Please view our privacy policy
and if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our privacy policy
is designed in such a way that we comply with the highest prevailing standard
of internet privacy.